Restaurant Review: Da Vinci Ristorante, Falmouth


There’s plenty of competition when it comes to Italian restaurants in Falmouth. On the opposite side of town from the large chains, Pizza Express and Zizzi, lies an independent gem. Da Vinci’s prides itself on its homemade ingredients. As with a lot of Italian restaurants, you can view the chefs prepping your meal from the dining area and the doughs are freshly made with sauces simmering away on the back stove.

The Pizza Gamberetti Con Cipolla is one reason to get your Italian fix here. A creamy bed of tomato and mozzarella compliments sweet prawns, garlic and fresh onion. It’s a fantastic topping if only let down by a dominance on the onion front which is guilty of masking the flavour of the prawns.

If pizza isn’t your thing then the Vitello Al Limone is a great testament to the culinary abilities of the chefs. Beautifully tender pan fried escallop of veal rests in a delicious lemon juice and white wine sauce. An explosion of flavour and one of the finest dishes you’ll find in town. All at a very affordable price.

There’s no doubt that Da Vinci scores very well on mains but the proof is very much in the pudding. A selection of homemade desserts are available with the clear highlight being the cheesecake. The flavour varies upon visit and on this occasion it was a delicate fusion of amaretto and coconut. Put simply, this is one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted. The portions are generous and if you’ve indulged in both a starter and main you may struggle to finish it. It’s undoubtedly light in texture but is deceptively filling, and all the better for it.

If you’re looking for a romantic meal for two or an evening with friends, you can’t go wrong here. The staff are both friendly and polite and the sixty-seat capacity provides a welcoming and bright atmosphere.

Cheesecake at Da Vinci

9 Delicious

Hearty, tasty and authentic Italian food.


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