Restaurant Review: Maharajah, Newquay


On the outskirts of the town centre among the arcades and off-licenses lies the Maharajah. The exterior, like the majority of the street, emits a certain tackiness that masks the true beauty that the area has to offer. Behind its doors is a very smart and modern restaurant showcasing stunning views of the bay. The sea views are awe-inspiring and as the sun sets to sheets of rolling waves, a romantic scene is painted that leaves the Maharajah with everything to lose.

The service was slow to say the least and with the majority of tables unoccupied it was hard to understand the reason for it. There was little in the way of an apology and the staff bizarrely seemed reluctant even to take drinks orders. Thankfully the management has prepared for situations such as this. A live video-feed of the bay aims to entertain those unfortunate enough to be waiting in the lounge area. The camera pans and zooms sporadically across the ocean and the idea certainly entertains. At regular intervals the shot swivels round to give a close up of the bin area outside the restaurant. It’s mildly amusing at first but come the sixth view it starts to taint your appetite.

Once you make it to your booked table (with or without the complimentary forty-five minute delay) the Maharajah transports you to another world. On a calm summer night the true beauty of Newquay is displayed in all its glory. Thankfully, the kitchen doesn’t let down the setting. The Lamb Biryani is a beautiful example of how the restaurant gets it just right. The meat is tender and the sauce, packed full of flavour, seals the dish. The pilau rice, an alarmingly vibrant pink colour, almost gets me reaching for my Geiger counter. However, if you’re after an authentic Indian curry (and are partial to glowing side dishes) you can’t go wrong here. It’s a shame that the food, although worth the wait, was let down by some poor service on this occasion.

Maharajah, Newquay

8 Great

Delicious food and stunning location let down by the service on this occasion.


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